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Preloaded Perfection

TransplantREADY™ DMEK, PDEK, and DSAEK grafts in your choice of delivery system.

Preloading since 2012, our clinical development team was the first to develop preloaded tissue services.

With the announcement of preloaded DSAEK, early adopters experienced the benefits and made the switch from preparing tissue intraoperatively to receiving tissue ready for transplant. The equipment, instrumentation, and supplies were no longer needed in the O.R. and the risk of damaging tissue was eliminated. Today, choose from multiple preloaded options for your DSAEK and DMEK cases

Your Preloaded Tissue Options




  • Includes 14 French tubing and valve connector
    • Connects directly to a luer lock syringe
  • True no-touch prep using Blister Method
    • Selective stromal staining limits exposure to Trypan Blue
  • Specular image post-prep of endothelium provided

LEITR DMEK 2.0 Surgical Procedure Video

Preloaded tissue shortens the learning curve for DMEK and PDEK procedures. Post-prep verification from LEITR ensures that the endothelial cells are healthy. Even better, LEITR’s DMEK 2.0 glass tube goes through a 2mm incision. It can’t get any better!” —Ahad Mahootchi, M.D.

DMEK EndoGlide


  • Pull-through technique used to introduce graft to the AC
  • Added surgeon control in anterior chambers with compromised anatomy



Designed specifically for preloaded Nano-Cut DSAEK grafts, LEITR DSAEK 3.0 promotes smaller incision sizes and no-touch delivery using fluid injection.
  • 3mm diameter delivery system
  • Delivers graft using fluid injection
  • Preloaded for no-touch delivery 
  • Closed system provides deep stable chamber
  • Eliminates need for punch, forceps and A/C maintainer

LEITR TransplantREADY DSAEK 3.0 Surgical Procedure Video

LEITR TransplantREADY DSAEK 3.0 Safety and Efficacy Video

DSAEK EndoGlide

Preloaded DSAEK grafts arrive precision prepared, marked, and trephined to specified diameter.
  • Pull-through technique used to introduce graft to the AC
  • Added surgeon control in anterior chambers with compromised anatomy


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“LEITR’s DSAEK 3.0 is simple and straightforward; the technique is elegant—I can’t see performing DSAEK any other way.”
—Aarup A. Kubal, M.D.
“Beautiful case. Opened up right away.”
—Priya Mathews, MD, MPH
“Easiest and fastest DSAEK I’ve performed since 2007; the graft basically opened by itself. The graft looked like a million dollars POD1, not a single striae observed.”
—Thomas A. Planchard M.D.

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