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Choose from LEITR’s expanding line of TransplantREADY ™ services to match your technique.

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Revolutionizing DSAEK

Small incision, no-touch delivery in LEITR DSAEK 3.0
Priya M. Mathews MD, MPH

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Premium Choice for Glaucoma and Corneal Applications.

Sterile Tissue Options

Comprehensive Cornea Services

Comprehensive Cornea Service – TransplantREADY ™ Preloaded Tissue – Sterile Tissue

Our comprehensive cornea services continue to expand offering benefits that improve patient outcomes and advance corneal transplantation. From tissue evaluation to the most precise processing our expertly trained, certified eye bank technicians prepare tissue daily saving you time in the O.R. and providing you with consistent quality for all your transplant cases, including PKP, ALK/DALK, DSAEK, Ultrathin DSAEK, DMEK.

Our comprehensive cornea services include:
  • Tissue for PKP, ALK/DALK, DSAEK, Ultrathin DSAEK, PDEK, and DMEK
  • TransplantREADY ™ preloaded tissue for DMEK, PDEK, and DSAEK
  • Sterile Tissue patch allografts for glaucoma and corneal applications

Precision Processing Down to the Micron


Dissected to 10-15 microns


Dissected to 20-30 microns


Precision prepared to your specifications. Ultrathin 40-100 microns. Traditional 100+ microns


Custom thickness


Full thickness

Tell us what you need and we’ll help you get there.

Choose from predissected, prestained, premarked, prepunched, and preloaded.

Register your parameters for each type of procedure. Your online account will be set-up with this information and serve as a reference for your tissue requests. Some cases may require a unique set of specifications which can be included on the individual request.

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Expanding line of preloaded services matching your technique and adjusting to case complexity

Preloaded DMEK, PDEK, or DSAEK tissue arrives transplant-ready and specifically prepared for your patient. Our certified eye bank technicians have been preloading tissue since 2012 and process tissue daily using validated processes in accordance to EBAA Medical Standards.

  • Save time; reduce stress, risk, and cost
  • Tissue is dissected, stained, marked, punched, and loaded
  • Eliminate cost of equipment, instrumentation, supplies, delivery device, and preparation time

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Clinical Development

Known for our innovation and development of new processing techniques and products to improve clinical outcomes.

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  • Preloaded DSAEK in the EndoGlide – 2012
  • No-touch DMEK hydro-dissection technique – 2012
  • Ultrathin DSAEK grafts 40-60 microns – 2014
  • Preloaded DMEK Jones Tube – 2015
  • Preloaded DMEK in a LEITR DMEK 2.0 – 2017
  • Preloaded DMEK in EndoGlide – 2019
  • Preloaded DSAEK in LEITR DSAEK 3.0 – 2020

The Premium Choice for Glaucoma and Corneal Applications

Sterilizing corneal and sclera tissue expands the usability of donated tissue to further honor our commitment to our donors and their families.

Glaucoma Applications

The use of sterile irradiated corneal and scleral patch grafts prevents the risk of tube exposure in glaucoma drainage device (GDD) procedures while also reducing the risk of infection and tissue rejection. OptiGraft sterile allografts have a long shelf life, can be stored at room temperature, and are ready to use, reducing waste due to tissue perishability and thus increasing the potential availability of high-quality tissue for implantation.

Corneal Applications

Sterile, acellular corneal tissue is becoming more widely used for corneal procedures and tissue irradiation has largely been the most successful sterilization technique. By implementing tissue sterilization into our line of services, sterile cornea can replace the use of live cell cornea in cases that do not require endothelial cells and reduce the imminent risk of rejection. The immunosuppressive effect of irradiation sterilization directly addresses the concern of graft failure due to recipient immune rejection1.

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1. Stevenson W, Cheng SF, Emami-Naeini P, et al. Gamma-irradiation reduces the allogenicity of donor corneas. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2012;53(11):7151–7158. Published 2012 Oct 1. doi:10.1167/iovs.12-9609

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